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few words from Nicolas

Recorded on November 27, 2021 in a single take, during a cold and scary night, this version is the result of my many concerts with this unique work, as well as the magnificent album made with Lusmord.

Letting my inspiration drift along with Johnson's indications (transcribed by Kyle Gann), I was surprised during the editing / mastering, to discover that the whole thing exceeded the planned 5 hours and reached 7 hours 15 minutes.

The music is very very slow (like a doom band, but a very slow one!) , almost dronesque ! It is a dreamy free jazz improvisation-like. If you let yourself go with the music, November can really bring you into another dimension. 

I did the french premiere in 2013 and the Ukrainian Premiere in 2014. 

This iconic piano piece is supposed to have ignited the minimalist musical movement in the US (as La Monte Young said). 

Track List

1 : Part I - 01:14:50

2 : Part II - 01:14:09

3 : Part III - 01:13:07

4 : Part IV - 01:17:32

5 : Part V - 01:13:32

6 : Part VI - 01:04:15


Complete November (die-hard version only via Youtube) : 07:16:38


Music by Dennis Johnson
Produced by Nicolas Horvath
Recorded by Nicolas Horvath
Recorded at La Fabrique des Rêves, 27 November 2021, Misy-sur-Yonne,France
Mastered by Nicolas Horvath
Cover, Booklet Art and Design by Clémence Michon
Liner Notes Bertrand Ferrier
French Translation Nicolas Horvath
Piano Steinway & Sons, Model D, No. 248200
Piano Technician Brice Savine

Catalogue number : NHD004

Link to Physical Version

Soon to be released via ACEL 

​Contact us to get a password to access the Download Corner page

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