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Complete Piano Music Vol.3

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few words from Nicolas

Our first discovery is dedicated to the forgotten french pioneer ot minimal music : Jean Catoire, who died in total anonymously. 

An extreme low number of musician dared to perform his music on stage. 

Catoire creativity was so great (he composed thousand of music), we decided to record all his solo piano music. You can now liste on 8 volumes to his 32 hours of piano music ! 

In this volume, Catoire chromaticism becomes more and more abstract

Track List

01 : Opus 224 (XXe étude sur le chromatisme B.A.C.H.) - 01:00:16
02 : Opus 256A - 51:32
03 : Opus 278 (Et lux perpetua luceat eis) - 01:15:08
04 : Opus 283 - 08:53
05 : Etude sur les Quintes et les Tierces (Opus 296A) - 36:01

World Premiere Recording 

Total duration : 03:51:52


Music by Jean Catoire
Produced by Paul Metzger
Recorded by Paul Metzger
Recorded at La Fabrique des Rêves, 21 March 2020 to 13 May 2020, Misy-sur-Yonne,France
Mastered by Paul Metzger
Cover, Booklet Art and Design by Clémence Michon
Liner Notes  Lawrence Ball (I to VI, incorporating material by Catherine Catoire, Christine Turellier , James D'Angelo and Jean Catoire), Nicolas Horvath (VII)
French Translation Nicolas Horvath
Piano Steinway & Sons, Model D, No. 248200
Piano Technician Brice Savine
Catalogue number : NHD002

Link to Physical Version

Soon to be released via ACEL

​Contact us to get a password to access the Download Corner page

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