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En abyme

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Few words from Nicolas

For so long I wanted to release the music of my friend and great french composer Melaine Dalibert.
I met Melaine totally by chance. Actually I don't even remember exactly how :) .

As much as my memory goes, he was a friend of a friend. Back in 2011, I was preparing for the Palais de Tokyo a crazy Homage to Philip Glass where +120 composers participated.
At this time, I was highly into social medias, and... I was internationally one of the very very few professional to perform this music on traditionnal stage.
With Melaine, it matched at the right moment we started to exchange ! For my Glass Homage concert, Melaine composed the haunting En Abyme (dedicated to me! yepee) , and I performed the piece I think .... all around the globe ! (the piece was perfect : beautiful and 3 / 5 min long ! perfect to fit into any programs!)
With Melaine, we performed together on 2 pianos some of his work & an Eastman piece. He also share with me all his newest compositions and we also recorded the Eastman 4 pianos albums ..... so, so many things.

This album is the first of a serie of albums dedicated to Dalibert solo piano music. The pieces recorded on this album are from his early and most radical period : Fractal Music !

For the ones who discovered Melaine music with this latestest (and fantastic new album) they will be very surprised by those early compositions. They are very radical, eerie and very different from everything that was going on in the 2010's. The musically closest would be Tom Johnson, but only for the radical technique. Unlike Tom's, Melaine always loved the use of gentle touch, musicality and little imperfection that could come from a more romantic way. 

At first, when I world premiered En Abyme, I was very surprised. I was really not expecting this type of music from a french composer (he was performing all the Chopin Etudes at this time! yes, Melaine is also a great pianist and really an inspiring person). 

In few month, the 2nd volume will follow, you will then follow the amazing musical evolution ! 

Track List

01 : Cortège (à Vera Molnar) - 30:38
02 : Gruppetto* - 17:16
03 : Variations (à Fraçois Morellet) - 18:37
04 : Canon (à Giuliano d'Angiolini) - 12:09
05 : en abyme (à Nicolas Horvath) - 06:17
06 : Ballade (à Aki Takahashi) - 12:19

*World Premiere Recording

Total duration : 01:37:16


Music by Melaine Dalibert
Produced by Nicolas Horvath
Recorded by Nicolas Horvath
Recorded at La Fabrique des Rêves, 28 April 2022, Misy-sur-Yonne,France
Mastered by Nicolas Horvath
Cover, Booklet Art and Design by Clémence Michon
Liner Notes  Bertrand Ferrier
French Translation Nicolas Horvath
Piano Steinway & Sons, Model D, No. 248200
Piano Technician Brice Savine
Catalogue number : NHD007

Link to Physical Version

Soon to be released via ACEL

​Contact us to get a password to access the Download Corner page

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