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Welcome to this new website my dear friends !

I am really happy to have completed this website, I have put a lot of energy on it and I hope it will enough clarity to everything we are trying to acheive with this new label.

At first, I thought that only the and the great work the 1001 Notes team will be enough (+ everything I am adding on Bandcamp). But the more we did albums, the more things needed to be more precise. I was even surprised that some of my contact did not get that we were making a whole new label. It really means that something was not clear enough !

This website had many versions before this final one, but I tried to do it as simple as possible. Of course, with all necessary links such as the ones for all streaming platforms !

I am working on a Patreon page, something that will give you access to the HD version of the albums + some bonus.

There are many great surprises to come ! In many fields ! Also do not hesitate to contact me, to tell me your thoughts and to share all my works on social networks, it really helps me !

Looking forward reading from you !!!



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