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March News

My dear friends,

After a totally blank January, as I got Covid during the Xmas period, I was for a whole month totally unable to do anything.

As you can expect, I got a huge delay on everything with the exception of my own recitals programs which were extremely successful.

As some of you might have noticed, I am touring with a very successful (and official) Studio Ghibli Homage concert. Also another program that I am extremely proud of : A Danny Elfman / Tim Burton program that I transcribed entirely myself (official and ... virtuoso in the Lisztian tradition). There will be a Double Ghibli album soon (CD & LP). There will be many surprises and news for this music that I supported and loved for so many years !

Many changes are on their way.

We are planning concerts to promote this amazing music, and I am still working on bringing back Vlog and video.

I am also working on an update of my own radio show, this time giving much more time on the interviews themselves, to give less limit to the composers and music creators.

One bad news is that we are now stopping to do booklets for the series. I was extremely happy to do those amazing booklets and to be able to write notes on this music that so few heard about. But it became so much time and energy consuming, as it left me unable to continue recording / editing / mastering, needless to say about updating the website and more important : communicating to you !

So if everything will go well, I will do the original Albin de La Tour idea : that I explain the music myself directly to you via my own Vlog / Youtube / Podcasts

Now, I am preparing the next albums, and many discoveries are coming their way !

Another unexpecting news : my own musical project "Dapnom" is coming back. After more than 10 years of working for others' music, one composition came out by itself, as I was working on a premaster of my huge "La Monte Young" hommage project for SubRosa.

For the first time in all the Dapnom work, there is a guest and someone who inspired me immensely.

I am working slowly on releasing all the Dapnom & A.E.P. albums digitally.

On the classical piano side :

There are many contemporary composers albums on their way and something I was very very looking forward to for a decade : a Chopin Double Album !

Stay tuned !!!



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