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the Nicolas Horvath Discoveries

Opening ears for more than 2 decades



The Nicolas Horvath Discoveries label is a daydream.

A dream shared by Albin de La Tour & Nicolas Horvath :

To share to everyone 1001 musical works

from all around the world,

Discoveries that lies in the undergrounds,

Sonic creations that are neglected,

Music genres that are marginalized,

Composers that are forgotten...

You are about to start a musical journey into

a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.

Fasten your seatbelt,

a whole new world starts now !

Our Latest Destinations

Latest label release

Dominique Lawalrée De temps en temps


Latest Radio Show

Le monde de
Pierrette MARI

Latest physical release

The 28 Cds Boxset

Catoire 28 Cds Boxset
Pierrette Mari.jpg

a postcard from our previous discovery 


Our travels (so far)

Once upon a time...

Palais de Glass c florence jamart 3_edit

It all started in 95' when a 18 yo

aspiring pianist a bit too curious

opened a box full of strange scores

on his teacher's grand piano.

From this day, Gérard Frémy 

started to introduce Nicolas

music from our time. 

And Nicolas' life changed forever !


nicolas _ horvath @ hotmail . com

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